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Free Like a Bird

24 Mai 2007
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Alina Horeanu, the student put in charged with having murdered her lover, was freed yesterday by the law Court of Iasi. The prosecutors required for replacing the interdiction of leaving the country by the preventive commital, but the judges considered that the respective demand could not be approved, as in the last time Alina Horeanu had behaved exemplarily. "We are not allowed to comment upon a sentence of the bench so that we cannot pronounce ourselves concerning this decision's legality", stated the spokesman of the Prosecution Department. Horeanu showed very happy when finding the news about her freedom, but she refused to speak. The judges from the Law Court of Iasi decided yesterday to let free Alina Horeanu, the student accused of having murdered businessman Daniel Mancas. Yesterday, at the Law Court of Iasi, there was adjudicated the prosecutors' solicitation of replacing the interdiction of leaving the locality by the preventive committal, but the magistrates decided to dismiss this requirement.
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