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18 Mai 2007
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The political class in Iasi is annoyed by the fact that Flavius Ionita, who has been taken cuffed from ADS' local office has come back to his function, after having been sent to trial for bribery. Yesterday, Flavius Ionita announced ADS Iasi that he is the manager of the institution again, but, for fear a scandal could begin, he added he would take a holiday. "His turning back is a clear intromission.

Practically, the decision seems to be a recommendation that PNL gives to justice", stated PD's deputy, Petru Movila.
Any employee of the state, sentenced for serious crimes of corruption, such as bribery taking, could reoccupy his function, sponging the indictment established by the prosecutors. This is the logic according to which PNL leads the state institutions. The political leaders in Iasi reacted when finding out - after the revealing of the daily ZIUA of Iasi - that Flavius Ionita, put in charge with having taken bribery, came back to his function, although the crimes he had accused of had been committed even from his position as a head of the State Propriety Agency (ADS) Iasi.

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