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Garbage at the Beer Festival

8 Iunie 2007
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The Beer Festival of Iasi is rather a crib's terrace, not quite proper and not very well located, taking into account the river's bank. The organizers might have planed rather to profit by the taxes paid by the bear and meat tradesmen than to offer a festival to the citizens of Iasi. Neither the Communitarian Police, nor the Municipal Police of Iasi have announced to send people in order insure against some possible overnight conflicts in the area.

The Beer Festival, which has come to its ninth edition, is going to take place in Tudor Vladimirescu area, and not in the center of the town, as usually. In fact, Tudor Vladimirescu area is not the proper term, as long as the tents are placed on the bank of Bahlui River where, in this canicular period, the water's miasmas are over sensed by the participants.

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