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Gherca Sues E.ON Moldova S.A.

24 Octombrie 2006
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The managerial staff of The Autonomous Administration Of Public Transport(RATP) denounce the frequent breakdowns that lead to the decrease in the passangers` number .At the same time,as a consequence of the harsh latest criticis,the representatives of E.ON have felt the duty of justifying themselves ,alleging that the wear of the cables in Iasi represents the damage`s main cause. Because of the latest breakdowns that produced great damage to The Autonomous Administration Of Public Transport from Iasi(RATP),the managers announced they would sue S.C.E.ON Moldova S.A.With such a situation did the Administration confront themselves yesterday morning,at 8.45 a.m,when 20 trams which were on traffic in Alexandru cel Bun and Podul de Piatra areas,on the routes 2,5,6 and 11 remained blocked for more than 20 minutes because of the working of modernizing the underground nets.
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