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Gigolo - the Man for Consumption

5 Iunie 2007
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For a few time, in Iasi there has appeared the job of prostitute for the men who are disposed to make sex to a woman for money. They require about 80 RON per each hour of pleasure they offer, and there are approximately 6 or 7 men like these in Iasi Town. The men practicing this job belong to the middleclass.

"The sale market for sexual pleasures is increasing in Iasi, as there is enough demand. There are a lot of frustrated men, many tourists that are passing through Iasi and go to women and, generally, there is a large demand on sex", stated an officer within the Criminal Inquiry Department of Iasi. Many prostitutes of Iasi have exchanged the street for flats, publishing advertisements in order to collect some clients.
A couple can be hired for 100 Euros per hour, in order to satisfy the sexual pleasures, and an A girl - for 150 Euros.

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