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Gold & Platin Launched the New Models of Chevrolet

11 Noiembrie 2006
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Yesterday,the new models of Chevrolet ,Captiva and Epica were launched in Iasi.Chevrolet starts its products` offensive in Europe by the new Captiva ,perfectly cut out on the European customers` taste.Chevrolet Epica is a sedan of medium class,with excellent carriage and conduct.

Pompous launching of the new models of Chevrolet.Chevrolet`s dealer in iasi,Gold&Platin SRL presented yesterday,for the first time on the market of Iasi,the models of Captiva and Epica,by which Chevrolet begins its products` offensive in Europe.Thus,Chevrolet Captiva is a five-star car with seven seats and complete traction.The new model is perfectly cut out on the Europen customers` taste.Its modern style,the improved power and the flexible interior turn Captiva into a powerful competitor of its class.

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