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Hack Men Filled the Palace Square

17 Mai 2007
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Almost 600 taxi drivers trooped on the streets of Iasi, protesting against the new law related to the local public transport, by which, from January 1, 2008, hack men would have to take part to an auction in order to receive the licenses, although the current licenses are available until 2009 or even 2010.

The hackies of Iasi protested against the new law concerning the local public transport. These are convinced that the new regulations might throw them on the street while the local authorities might direct the certificate allowances towards fewer transport operators with a more powerful financial potential. Almost 600 taxi drivers protested yesterday. "We want to be respected, we want to work. We have organized this protest all over the country and we want the word <> be deleted from the Law 92/ 2007", stated yesterday Virgil Cisman, the leader of the National Association of the Transport Operators Patronage in Taxi Regime, Iasi department.

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