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Hacker Sentenced to Two Years of Imprisonment

9 Iunie 2007
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A hacker of Iasi, who used to encash profits amounting to 60 million Lei (6000 RON) monthly, has been sentenced to two years' imprisonment by the judges of the Law Court. He is liable for damages of approximately one billion Lei (100 thousand RON) to plenty American companies of Software and to certain film production houses. The 24 year young man stated he had no source of money for paying these. The magistrates from the Law Court of Iasi have sentenced Teodor Iulian Parfeni - a 24 year young man, put in charge with IT piracy - to two years of imprisonment. Moreover, he has to pay damages which amount to about one billion Lei (100 thousand RON) to plenty American Software companies and to certain film production houses. According to the prosecution accusation, citizen Iulian Teodor Parfeni sold pirated CVs and DVDs from 2003 until 2005, using the c.o.d. mail. Parfeni advertised in the local newspapers of Iasi a couple of times, by which he announced he sold CDs with games, movies and music, such a CD costing 30 thousand Lei (3 RON). At the same time, the young man used to sell DVDs for 120 thousand Lei up to 150 thousand Lei (120-150 RON). According to the prosecution accusation, the individual might have prejudiced the great companies of movie and music production and the Software ones with the sum of 2,128 billion Lei (212,800 RON). The young man used to download the information (movies, music, Soft) from Torrente or other similar nets, and, in order to manage the competitors, Parfeni signed an agreement with an Internet company so that to have a fast speed Internet, for which he would pay 110 Dollars monthly. In order to contact the people interested in the offer, the defendant gave his mobile number, a telephone number and his email address. At the same time, he used to have a web page on which he posted the CD/DVD offer - On June 16, 2005, the Police officers sought out his flat in Pascani and confiscated 3 computer units, 11 optical units and thousands of folders with music and hundreds of films. The officers' estimation proved that from this business the young man won from 6 to 60 million Lei (600-6,000 RON) on month. At the trial, the game companies constituted a plaintiff with the sum of 217 million Lei (21,700 RON), and the Software companies required to the defendant 97 million Lei (9,700 RON). Microsoft company constituted a plaintiff with the sum of 320 million Lei (32,000 RON), and plenty movie production companies solicited 686 million Lei (68,600 RON). Both in front of the judges and in front of the prosecutors, Parfeni affirmed that he did not have the necessary money in order to cover the sums demanded by the production companies.
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