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Half a Billion Lei in Santa Claus` Account

15 Decembrie 2006
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The campaign initiated by the daily ZIUA of Iasi two days ago registers a real success. In only two days, more than 60 citizens joined the campaign "Santa Claus` Friends", by giving money for the presents which are to be offered to the children or to the poor old people on Winter Holiday.

ZIUA of Iasi have donated to the bank account for this event the sum of 20 million lei-2000 RON.The total fund for these two days has already got over half a billion lei. Among Santa Claus` friends there are dozens of public personalities from Iasi, politicians, men of business, representatives of the academic sphere and of the civil society. Moreover, dozens of people have announced their intention of joining the initiative of ZIUA of Iasi, for offering some moments of joy to the ones whose fate turned its back. From the money that will have been collected after the campaign, there are going to be bought some alimentary goods, clothes, or other necessary things to the beneficiaries of this public donation.

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