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Higher the Needs, Higher the Assessments

6 Decembrie 2006
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The mayor tried yesterday to motivate the assessments' increase for 2007 by invoking the financial demands in continuous boost. In comparison with the last year, the citizens of Iasi are to pay higher taxes on buildings and lands, around 14 per cent more. On the other hand, the taxes for cars are to boom beginning with the next year, even up to millions of lei. Nichita affirms that the political controversy against the huge assessments practically hides a stratagem of PNL's for obtaining some electoral capital. Mayor Gheorghe Nichita has been involved in the local assessments' battle once again. After the last year's defeat by giving over the 40 per cent's accretion, Nichita is now trying to increase the taxes with 14-16 per cent, helped by the Local Board.
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