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Hit Galas-the Twelfth Edition

11 Noiembrie 2006
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Anniversary moment for Radio Hit. For the twelfth edition ,to Iasi there were invited to perform on the favour of the radio`s staff but also for the devoted listeners,bands such as Iris,Compact,Vita de Vie and Re-Activ.

A mass of natives celebrated yesterday night twelve years of existence for one of the most important radios in Iasi.Hit Galas-the twelfth edition.On this occasion to Iasi there were invited to perform on Radio Hit`s honour,but also for its devoted listeners Iris,Compact,Vita de Vie and Re-Activ.After two years,Hit Galas returned in the open air,the previous editions having been organized at the National Theatre Vasile Alecsandri and addressing to a more limited audience.

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