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Human traffikers , arrested in Pascani

16 August 2007
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During a prompt proceeding of the police 3 human traffikers were captured . For other two, that find themselves in Greece arrest warrants would be emitted . The brothers Ungureanu, their father and Ionel Nistor were tempting and than transporting the victims in Hungary, Austria, Italy and then in Greece. ". There are not sufficient evidences to support these accusations", has declared the lawyer Liviu Bran. The intervention to capture the main members of this group of human traffikers had been organized by the prosecutors from the Direction against the Organized Crime and Terrorism Iasi together with the brigade of fast intervention of IPJ Iasi. George Dumitru Ungureanu, 27 years old, Radu Vasile Ungureanu, 21 years old and Ionel Nistor, 28 years old are accused of tempting, abusing and transporting abroad , between 2006 and 2007 , 50 persons from Iasi, Suceava, Botosani and Neamt.
3 Menschen Traffikanten , angehaltet in Pascani
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