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Hushed Up Examen for the Assistant General at Spiridon?

25 Aprilie 2007
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The appointment of the Medical Assistant Dorina Turcu as an assistant general at No.III Medical Clinic, from Sf.Spiridon Hospital has caused ardent debates between the assistants within the mentioned department, who affirm they have not herd about this contest. Assistant Turcu has been working for years as the secretary of Prof. Dr. Dan Gogalniceanu, the head of BMF Clinic at the respective moment, and she has only practiced the work of a medical assistant for a very little time.

Great ado between the assistants from No.III Medical Clinic within Sf. Spiridon Hospital, after finding out that, on May 1, they will have a medical assistant from another clinic, without having been informed upon the organized exam for which some of them would have competed. Medical assistant Dorina Turcu, who is going to have this function, has been working for years at the Oral Maxilla- Facial Clinic (BMF) within the same hospital as the secretary of Prof. Dr. Dan Gogalniceanu, the head of the clinic until last year. The current head of clinic from BMF, Prof. Dr. Carmen Vicol, has admitted that nobody knows whether this contest has been organized and if so, on what date.

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