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I am my mothers son

6 Septembrie 2007
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The Proff. Doctor Rodica Ghiuru from UMF Iasi hired her own son at the Railway Hospital Iasi as a translator and probationer doctor . Alexandru Grozdan, 22 years works in the clinic where his mother is one of the directors from the March 2005 and has been employed to translate for his mommy and to unload some documents of medicine from the internet. Alexandru Grozdan participated as a representative of the hospital to some congresses, lectures and symposia and can praise today with lots of participation diplomas . The boy is a student at the University of Medicine from Timisoara, but the mother wants to transfer him to UMF Iasi, to become a dentist. The director of the Railway hospital, Dinu Chirculescu refused to make any comments on the argument. The boyis not only a probationer doctor , translator and student, but some times he is also also the webmaster of the hospital. So many assignments for the mommys son, but for how many salaries?
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