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Iasi becomes a huge building site

3 Ianuarie 2007
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Through a bank credit, the mayoralty of Iasi is going to dispose the greatest budget for investments from 1990 on. Funds exceeding 1,000 billion lei (100 million RON) are to be invested in streets, social houses and parkings. Using their own funds, the mayoralty has to support the investments from the educational unities.

Concerning this domain, there is going to be finished the working begun in 2006 and, furthermore, new works are to be started off. Practically, there will be used at least 1,500 billion lei in 2007-three times more than the ones used in 2006.
The first year within the European Union is beginning in force for Iasi citizens. The heads from Roznoveanu Palace promise that this year will be the one of the building sites', the mayoralty disposing a budget of around 1,500 billion lei (150 million RON). Although the money is almost certain, it is the mayoralty's ability of spending such a sum the leading question.

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