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Iasi Buried In Rate Debts by the Social Democrat Nichita

31 Octombrie 2006
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Yesterday ,mayor Gheorghe Nichita warned with no restraint that the inhabitants of Iasi have to pay for the heat the exorbitant price of 1,750 million lei(175 RON) for a gig calorie This price was yesterday approved by The Local Board ,at SC CET Iasi SA's proposal. This is a consequence of the disastrous policy of the municipality towards SC CET Iasi SA, beginning with 2001,when the department has been showing deficit. In this way, in 2001 ,being the manager of The Economical Commission of the Local Board, Nichita supported the proposal of the ex-mayor ,Constantin Simirad, that of not according the grant-in-aid of 55 per cent for one gig calorie ,as the Government had recommended . Although he is the leader of a social- democrat party, who should fight for the rights of the disfavored social categories of people ,mayor Gheorghe Nichita only takes decisions that lead to the local population's poverty. Consequently, for this winter, the inhabitants of Iasi are forced to support a shock-decision of the municipality: the gig calorie's price has increased with 70 per cent ,from 1,075,000 lei(107,5 RON) to 1,750,000 lei(175 RON). Yesterday's decision is going to cause a social collapse in Iasi ,because too many families and especially the pensioners cannot afford it.
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Anonim  | #1475
The price for the people of Iasi for heating their homes this winter is outrageous. This price is the highest not only in Romania but in all of Europe too!! How does the Mayor of Iasi expect a family with children who s parents both work and just survive on a minimum salary can afford to pay such outrageous prices for heating, when at present they struggle to survive. Forget the funds for football from public money and serve the people who voted you into power to look after them I say to Mr Nichita. Support football after the population is living in decent conditions.
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