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Iasi Citizens within the Order Knights of Malta

29 Ianuarie 2007
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Saturday, plenty citizens were named knights of the Sovereign Order" Saint Joan of Jerusalem", also known as the Order of the Knights of Malta, founded in 1048. Together with Prince Dimitrie Sturdza, there were also emblazoned Professor Doru Tompea, the Dean from the Faculty of Psychology, Social Assistance and Sociology, Catalin Moisanu, a graduate of the Faculty of Automatics and Computers from Iasi, currently living in the US, Jerry Little, the owner of Little Texas Restaurant, and Vasile Catea, man of business and vice- president of the Romanian Box Federation. More important the festivity is if taking into account that, on Saturday, there took place the first Romanian investiture for the Knights of Malta, from the Order" Saint Joan of Jerusalem". At the end of the week, certain citizens of Iasi were emblazoned as Knights of the Sovereign Order " Saint Joan of Jerusalem", also known as the Order of the Knights of Malta.
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