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Iasi, depressed by an earthquake

5 Martie 2007
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In case of a 7, 2 Richter degrees' earthquake, similar to the one in 1977, Iasi County would be in the biggest crisis ever. The local authorities are not prepared to handle such a situation which would create a nameless chaos. At the present time, there are no equipments for intervention, ambulances for transporting the victims, places for burying the dead, refuges for the homeless people. More than 60 blocks and other institutions- cultural, educational, medical, would fall in case of such an earthquake. Yesterday, 30 years after the biggest earthquake happened in modern Romania, the Inspectorate for Urgent Situations of Iasi is not able to handle a calamity of this type. The temporal Prefect Nicusor Paduraru declared himself absolutely disinterested in this hypothesis, as if he had come from another world.
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