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Iasi Through the Churches' Architecture

7 Aprilie 2007
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Obviously, a tour of the churches of Iasi begins with the Metropolitan Cathedral: rectangular, with four derricks, the Cathedral seems to be the heaven's support. Moldavian, Byzantine, Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-classic, are only some of styles standing as religious architectural clues for Iasi. Read an incursion into the history and the architecture of the most known halidoms of Iasi. The city of the nine hillocks (Tatarasi, Catatuia, Sorogari, Galata, Copou- Aurora, Bucium- Paun, Ciric, Barnova and Repedea) has created a solid cloak- both in the foreigners' visual memory and in the peoples' that animate it- which outbraves the times through hundreds of churches, many of them being monuments, that seem to stop the flow of time. A church is not only a place for praying, but it also has an aesthetic function, which speaks about the age when it was erected and for which it raises the derricks, proving the durability or, on the contrary, the civilization waves.
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