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Ilcenco On the Dust Pan

23 Noiembrie 2006
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Because of the acute blood crisis and of the interest proved by the Director of the Centre for Transfusion, dr. Daniela Ilcenco, ASP`s director sent a report to the Ministry of Health. "I personally went twice to the Centre for Transfusions in order to talk to Director Ilcenco and he was not found.I went there during the Mrs.`s working programme.Not talkking about how many times have I tried to contact Director Ilcenco on the phone,it proving to be disconnected. I have also sent my fellow-workers for a discussion concerning the solution to the crisis of blood,by bringing more donors to the Centre, but he still hasn`t honoured my invitation", declared director Mihnea Hurmuzache. The Director of the Authority for Public Health (ASP), conf.dr.Mihnea Hurmuzache, has made a report to the Ministry of Public Health concerning the poor activity developed by dr. Daniela Ilcenco, Director at the Centre for Transfusion. Director Hurmuzache had to make this report because of the denunciation from the doctors of the hospitals in Iasi, who confront daily with an acute crisis of blood and with the lack of co-operation and initiative from director Ilcenco`s part.
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