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Illegal Cessations

11 Ianuarie 2007
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"In the case of the collective cessations, the ones having respected the contractual obligations toward CET but who have still been locked-out from the thermal energy supply could institute proceedings against CET, being supposed to obtain recovering of judgement. In order to be able to appeal to the Supreme Court of Strasbourg, a petitioner should have tried all the possibilities offered by the internal justice and, only in case he has not obtained a convenient solution, is he allowed to lodge a complaint to the European Instance for human rights", explained Marius Sebastian Striblea, University Lecturer at the Law Faculty from "Al.I.Cuza" University. UFET has already locked-out about eight thousand families, no matter a part of them had either paid the debts or not had any indebtedness. The action of UFET (The Thermal Energy Supply Work) of ceasing massively, recently begun, might be canceled by a lawyer's decision, as the collective cessations-including the ones' without any debts to UFET- are illegal.
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