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Illegal work

21 Octombrie 2006
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The middlemen from Iasi are on the top for defying the current legislation and working illegally .Domains of activity such as taxi-driving and agriculture are the most eloquent examples of underground work that has been increasing this year. The day-labourers from agriculture are paid according to their work ,while the stand-in on taxi-cabs are employed without any certificate or working cards. The managers from the Regional Inspectorate For Work(ITM) have made a top of the middlemen that defy the current legislature ,working illegally. This top has been drawn up as a consequence to ITM` s controls over the first nine months of the year. On the first place there are seven companies from Iasi that have been conventionally sanctioned with 140 million lei each one for illegal work .ITM` s inspectors discovered at least seven people for each of the seven companies that used to work without contracts between the two parts.
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