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Imprisonment For a Beast

22 Martie 2007
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The Court of Appeal of Iasi decided yesterday that Gheorghe Baltag would be imprisoned for 15 years, as he had murdered his concubine. The man is from Boureni Village, Bals Commune, and he was arrested preventively shortly after beating his partner's brains out. The murder happened in October 2005, as a consequence of the exaggerated alcohol consumed, and of the fact that the wife had not initially wanted to take off his socks. Gheorghe Baltag had been living tally with Mihaela Talmaciu from the autumn of 2004, period during which he used to behave aggressively towards the woman. When he did not agree to something, he would beat his mistress until she could not move anymore. In the day of the murder, Gheorghe Baltag, together with other friends of drinking, went to Cucuteni in order to meet an old friend. They left by a cart, and all the way long they drank the marc and the wine they had bought. In this way, after drinking strongly at Ioan Anitoaiei's, the fellows from Boureni left towards Baltag's, so that to continue drinking. All of a sudden, there began a fight between Gheorghe Baltag and his concubine because the latter had not taken off his socks as he should have done it. The conflict was also intensified by the fact that, a couple of days before the murder, Gheorghe Baltag had raped his concubine together with two other neighbors. In the murder's evening, after beating her cruelly and trampling her, Baltag took a knife and stabbed her; afterwards he cast her in front of the house. In front of the law court, the witnesses heard affirmed that the man used to be extremely violent.
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