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In the gallery of the penal sharks'

18 Decembrie 2006
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The Prosecution Service has communicated to the editorial office of ZIUA of Iasi that the file have been brought to DNA's prosecutors, so that the mayor of Dumesti commune, Mihai Sabaiduc, is investigated for the assignation of some titles of propriety related to the lands owned by the natives since 1921.

" As the facts are under the judicature of the National Anti-Corruption Department, the case was held favorable to this institution on the 8th of November, 2006", it has been proven through an address sent by the Prosecution Service to the editorial office of ZIUA of Iasi.
The mayor of Dumesti commune, Mihai Sabaiduc, joins the great sharks investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Department-DNA for building affairs which they have led either as statesmen or as the elect.

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