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Inebriated By the Taste of Blood

30 Martie 2007
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With four murdered persons, Toader Covali, a 60 years old man, is on the second place at the national level regarding the number of people killed by one individual. Ha had been sentenced to life imprisonment, but yesterday the judges reduced his punishment to 25 years. This means that in about five or six years he will have been released.

"With God's help I've done what I've wanted! Ive graduated from two faculties, medicine- which I've finished within the hospitals of psychiatry, and law- that I've done here, as a prisoner", this is how Toader Covali explained the way in which he has become one of the top assassins from Romania. "I loved my wife very much. I used to call her my landlady. I've only hit her with an axe, not with a gun", stated Toader Covali.

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