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Infected Infants at the Maternity Hospital

28 Noiembrie 2006
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Because of the medical staff's casualness, plenty babies from Cuza Voda Maternity Hospital have come down with . ASP's manager declared that one of the surgeries where the hysterectomies used to be done had not been disinfected properly, so that it permitted the staphylococcus' germination, infecting some of the suckling. At Cuza Voda Maternity Hospital, exactly the ones that should take care of the babies' health until leaving the hospital are imperiling the infants' life. Due to the fact that the rules of sterilizing the room where the hysterectomies take place have not been respected, at two of the Maternity's floors' a staphylococcus has appeared, the infection surviving the way of disinfection practiced within the institution. The leadership from the Public Health Authority (ASP) have immediately disposed an epidemiological investigation and imposed drastic actions in order respect the rules of sterilizing the rooms.
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