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Informational Session Regarding the Adhesion to the Europen Union

11 Noiembrie 2006
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Today,at 11 a.m. at the Palace of Culture the European congressman Roberta Anastase is presenting to the ones interested in,people involved in politics,the local elected ones,representatives of the business domain and of the civil society`s,useful information about how the European structural funds could be accessed.

The democrats from Iasi prepare for the adhesion to the European Union.In this way,deputy Roberta Anastase ,European congressman from PD`s,is is taking part today to a campaign for informing the citizens about Romania`s adhesion to the European Union.More precisely,Roberta Anastase is going to explain to the audience at the event which begins at 11 a.m. at the Palace of Culture,members of Parliament,of PD`s local leadership,mayors and democrat counsellors,all the information related to the structural European funds and to the way the local community`s elected ones could have access to these funds ment for the community`s development.

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