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Instigation to Forgery at UMF

11 Ianuarie 2007
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Certain heads of departments from UMF have admonished the teaching staff to go and sign retroactively the additional papers for the individual labor contract. The professors and the non-teaching staff from the Faculty of Stomatology that refuse to comply with this will be meeting Dean Norina Forna so that the latter could persuade them to do as UMF's managership say.

The head of the surgery department who is also a member of UMF's Senate, Prof. Dr. Carmen Vicol, has declared that the salaries have been diminished because of the University's debts, which represents another fraud of the institution's representatives': embezzlement.
Today is the last day when the employees of the University of Medicines and Pharmacy "Gr. T. Popa" Iasi could come to the faculties' offices in order to mark the additional papers for the individual labor contract. In fact, the employees are asked to subscribe they agree the decrease in salaries, a modification made in the first semester of the university year 2005-2006.

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