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Investigation In the Case of the Incompetent Assistant

12 Februarie 2007
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The medical assistant should not have left after the call without a doctor on the ambulance. He has no competence for giving special medical aid, but only for first aid. We are also going to talk to the representatives of the Ambulance Service from Targu Frumos in order to see what has happened and why the assistant has been sent on his own, with no equipment on the ambulance", stated Liliana Iordache, the chairman of OAMMR.

After the daily ZIUA of Iasi published the article" Murdered by the Medical Assistant's Incompetence", the leadership of the Order of the Medical Assistants and the Accoucheuses from Romania (OAMMR), Iasi branch is going to start an investigation in order to see whether the medical assistant has made his job concerning the first aid given to the man who died in a road accident.

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