iPhone 5 Appears in China

Publicat: 02 aug. 2011

What you are seeing right now is not an iPhone 5, but rather another fake iPhone being sold in Shenzhen, China. However, unlike other fake iPhones, this one has a catch: Its design is supposedly stolen from the actual iPhone 5.

Leaked photos of the alleged iPhone 5 have since appeared, but they look blurry and tough to examine, much less confirm. There are also rumors about its supposed specs, but have no photos to prove them.

Although we are a bit skeptical about this, we shall go through some features seen in this “fake iPhone 5.” Its volume rocker, for instance, consists of one long button like in the iPhone 3GS, as opposed to iPhone 4’s two separate buttons. The phone measures around 7mm thick, which speculations say would fit just right to the supposed iPhone 5 cases that were leaked a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, it has rounded edges in both the back and the front, which may be the reason why it has a rather thick bezel. Past rumors claim that the iPhone 5 will have an edge-to-edge screen, which would contradict the thick bezel seen in the photo.

The guys in TechCrunch are sure this phone cannot be based on the real iPhone 5, saying that whoever built it may have looked through supposed leaked specifications and worked his way backwards, then “cut some corners” to be able to use materials at hand.


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