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Italy Syndrome

21 Iunie 2007
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More and more women working in Italy come to the Hospital of Psychiatry "Socola", suffering by delirious psychosis, nervous break-down, and they permanently feel they are persecuted or followed; some of them even think that someone wants to kill them. The psychiatrists consider that it is about a phenomenon known as Italy Syndrome, which is extending from one month to another. These women come to this situation because they do not know the language, they cannot accustom themselves, they miss their families, their country, or due to the fact that, for a certain period, they are unemployed. "They leave a disorganized family here and they face approximately the same situation there. Very often, the same problems they leave home are also faced abroad, where they go for working. These women go abroad in order to earn money and they are disposed to do anything in order to obtain it. They do not turn back home because they are ashamed to come without money and to decay in their family's eyes, as they have not managed to come through, so that stress appears very often", stated Psychologist Cornelia Popescu.
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