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Jury's Findings: Suicide

21 Decembrie 2006
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The prosecutors from the Court of Iasi have ascertained in the cause of death of Sub-prefect Florin Ungureanu : suicide. On the shotgun's tube, there has been found a track of blood and saliva, and the Sub-prefect had a spot of soot around the mouth. This leads to the idea that Florin Ungureanu shot himself after introducing the tube into the month. The prosecutors drew this conclusion after the necropsy of the body. The first results of the inquest show that the Sub-prefect has not suffered from any incurable disease. The prosecutors from the Department within the Court of Iasi have drawn the first conclusions on the violent death of Sub-prefect Florin Ungureanu, after the necropsy.The first results of the inquest were brought out yesterday, within a press conference, by Carmina Pascal, spokesman at the Prosecutor Department from the Court of Iasi..
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