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Killed by a Medical Assistant's Incompetence

10 Februarie 2007
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Aurelian Frasineanu, the man who died after a road accident two days ago, could have been alive if the ambulance on the scene had had even a pulmotor for artificial respiration. The medical assistant from the ambulance on the scene had only a piece of cloth. "I made him the cardiac massage; my colleague held his head and I told the assistant to give him artificial respiration. If the assistant had had a pulmotor in order to give the victim artificial ventilation, he would have been alive. Not having on the ambulance at least such a tool is really painfully. We have graduated some first aid courses, but you cannot save lives having no instruments. You simply stay and watch the man dying", stated Lieutenant Sergiu Marian, adjunct at the Fire Brigade Pascani. The report made by the policemen contains false data. Yesterday, IPJ's Lieutenant, Liviu Zanfirescu, disposed for the investigation. Aurelian Frasineanu, the 57 year man who died Thursday morning in a road accident from Trei Iazuri, Butea Commune, died on his feet because there was nobody to give him the first aid.
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