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LaDorna's Farms have fallen through at Iasi

6 Aprilie 2007
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"We have not developed any project anymore; nothing has been put across. I have my own farm now, a little one, with my own money, without depending on anybody", stated Vasile Terciu, one of the ones that had planed a modern animal Euro-farm in collaboration with LaDorna. "We have no progresses on Moldova area, but, soon, we are going to replace the engineer and make another loan in order to finalize them, after the Easter", stated Valeriu Steriu, LaDorna Group's spokesperson and the company's vice- president alike. The project for LaDorna's farms has fallen through at Iasi. Even though he had promised to support the farmers of Iasi, Jean Valvis, LaDorna's owner, did not respected it so that the projects of the farmers of Iasi got broken before having begun.
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