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Mafias Real Estates businesses

19 Noiembrie 2007
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With the help of the deputy Relu Fenechiu, Constantin Stefanuca succeeded to occupy a leading place within the forestry direction from Harlau. In the middle of this deal there are 800 hectares of forest, very expensive on the real estates market. The forest has already been claimed by the De Fay family , but Stefanuca made another claiming demand in name of Irina Riscutia. It hasn`t been difficult for Stefanuca to falsify the documents, now that he occupies a very important position within the forestry direction from Harlau. Stefanuca has promised the deputy Relu Fenechiu, that, in change of his help, he would finance the election campaign of the deputy in 2008. Stefanuca also wants to occupy the mayors seat from Harlau.
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