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O adevarata masina de fite
2 Decembrie 2006

• O masina de fite - asa ar putea fi caracterizat Hummer-ul, in Iasi existand doua astfel de autoturisme care costa peste o suta de mii de Euro • Pe langa investitia...

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Cersetori cu pretentii
2 Decembrie 2006

Mi`am adus aminte zilele trecute de o intamplare mai veche. O intamplare care m`a facut sa`mi schimb punctul de vedere in ceea ce priveste o categorie mai speciala de oameni....

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Thereby Hangs a Tale - Examination for Notaries
2 Decembrie 2006

Vanda Vlasov, Mihail Vlasov`s daughter, passed the exam at a difference of some hundredths from Traian Basescu`s daughter and she wants to come to Iasi as a notary. The...

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Rebellion at Dumesti
2 Decembrie 2006

On the lands from the European roadside Iasi- Targu Frumos, reft from the villagers by the mayor of Dumesti commune, Mihai Sabaiduc, a building company has began to buid a hall...

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Terom SA Came Unstrung
2 Decembrie 2006

The shareholders have been convenced to adopt the sales plan on December,23 The Authority for Capitalizing the State`s Assets (AVAS) vend almost all the last assets of SC Terom...

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Etica romaneasca
1 Decembrie 2006

In ultima perioada, apar din ce in ce mai multe articole in presa de genul: "a gasit pe strada, in tramvai, in gara etc., o sacosa cu bani si a inapoiat`o proprietarului"....

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Fenechiu, the Highbinder
1 Decembrie 2006

The trade unionists from SC Nicolina SA accuse PNL's deputy Relu Fenechiu for the factory's current situation. Nicolina SA Trade Union puts the blame on the deputy's political...

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The City hall's Back-set in the Case of "Mobile for friends"
1 Decembrie 2006

But for the media's scandal, the auction at which Nichita's friends had planned a contract with the local budget was cancelled. Nichita's friends had arranged a contract with...

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The Business' Incubator- a Failure
1 Decembrie 2006

At least 15 companies should have resisted inside the business' incubator for more than 12 months, scoring a certain profit. Only 11 of the incubated companies have been...

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Financial Engineering at Mittal Steel
1 Decembrie 2006

Without the state's and the other shareholders' approval, the Indians from Mittal Steel SA Iasi are going to buy from Mittal Steel SA Galati a section for pipes' producing. The...

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With an Audi A6 at School, in the Second Grade
1 Decembrie 2006

Daily is he coming to school with a deep purple Audi A6 which bedazzles everybody, but he still cannot drive not having a driving license. It is the same situation as in the...

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Rector Dragomir Got the Huckleberry
1 Decembrie 2006

The advanced age of UMF's rector, Professor Dr. Cristian Dragomir was reconfirmed yesterday, at the inauguration of the manifestations dedicated to the Superior Medical School's...

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Convicted For the Dentist's Office In the Kitchen
1 Decembrie 2006

A citizen of Iasi has been convicted for having opened a medical office in the kitchen, where she would offer consultation and fill her neighbors. This is one of the few...

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Embarrassing Scandal at "Petre Andrei" University
30 Noiembrie 2006

An anti-AIDS action taking place at The Faculty of Psychology and Social Assistance from "Petre Andrei" University has turned into a vendetta but for the self-entitled rector...

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The State, Swindled by Drumesti Town Hall
30 Noiembrie 2006

Although the mayor Mihai Sabaiduc has buttoned up the contract with a certain firm, for the consolidation of Drumesti Town hall's home, the work is being done by the ones...

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Bitter In-house Sugar
30 Noiembrie 2006

Although the experts from the Department for Agriculture and Rural Development (DADR) Iasi sustain that the harvest of beet in Iasi is increasing in the following years, the...

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30 Noiembrie 2006

Degeabistii sunt membrii Organizatiei PCR (Pile, Cunostinte si Relatii). Degeabistii, daca nu v`ati dat seama din nume, sunt acei oameni "degeaba". Nu se omoara cu munca, nu se...

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Avicola SA's Assets Incense Becali
29 Noiembrie 2006

George Becali has interfered with the Authority For Capitalizing the State's Assets(AVAS), concerning the assets of Agricola SA Iasi. The authorities are discontent by the fact...

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Ten Hours Under the Cases' Siege
29 Noiembrie 2006

Radu Prisacaru and Flavius Ionis stayed yesterday for more than ten hours at the prosecutor's office from the National Anti-Corruption Board, in order to be presented the file...

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New conditions for obtaining the driving license
29 Noiembrie 2006

The auto striver's medical record and the psychological certificate will not be attached to the file anymore, these documents remaining at the driving school. From December 1,...

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Program de lucru redus
29 Noiembrie 2006

Program: Luni - Vineri : 08 - 16 Sambata - Duminica: INCHIS Asa scrie pe geamuri, pe usi, la ghisee... Numai ca, la romani (cei care lucreaza la stat in majoritate), partea cu...

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Infected Infants at the Maternity Hospital
28 Noiembrie 2006

Because of the medical staff's casualness, plenty babies from Cuza Voda Maternity Hospital have come down with . ASP's manager declared that one of the surgeries where the...

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Who has interfered in Tepro's File?
28 Noiembrie 2006

" All the shares belonging to ZKO have been assigned on November the 26th ,2000, after certain pressure, by Gheorghe Brenius, the company's executive", sustains Josef...

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Coman Is Breaking the Law
28 Noiembrie 2006

This is the liberal counselor Anghel Ficu's assertion, who is discontent that not even by now has been Iasi Holyday's financial situation clarified. Yesterday, the liberal...

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Seful de camin - buricul pamantului
28 Noiembrie 2006

Da dom`le, asta v`o spun din experienta proprie. Nu pentru ca am fost eu sef de camin, ci pentru ca am dat peste unu` din asta care nu mai putea de responsabilitati. Era plin....

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"Razboinicul lumii" si fanii
27 Noiembrie 2006

Dom`le, Dom` Becali s`a mai dat odata`n petec. Aseara s`a dus la un bal al bobocilor tinut intr`o discoteca din Bucuresti. Pana aici nimic ciudat... La bal, a tinut el sa fie al...

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Another File For Prisacaru-Ionis Couple
27 Noiembrie 2006

The Service for Frauds' Investigation within the Police County Inspectorate and the National Anti-Corruption Department have opened a new penal file on the name of the...

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Deputy Dobre Stamping the Law
27 Noiembrie 2006

Imposing upon the fact that the state's institutions do not do their job, meaning they do nothing for recovering the land obtained illegally on Ciric Lake's board by Traian...

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Nichita's Barter
27 Noiembrie 2006

Yesterday, Gheorghe Nichita sustained PSD's county organization so that Mircea Geoana could obtain a new presidential mandate for the party. On the other hand, Geoana...

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Foreign Workers For Romanian Buildings
27 Noiembrie 2006

The building engineers think that not even after the adherence would they eliminate the main problem they are presently facing: the lack of labour . "I esteem a demand of at...

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The Governors' Lies For Teachers
27 Noiembrie 2006

Only words, no facts, this is the conclusion of the educational trade unionists after two years from the current Government's installation. " The budget for Education has...

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O boala de care nu poti scapa
27 Noiembrie 2006

• Psoriazisul este o boala de piele, cu evolutie de lunga durata, caracterizata prin aparitia unor zone rosiatice, proeminente, bine delimitate, care prind coaja usor...

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Cariile, un dusman care te lasa fara dinti
27 Noiembrie 2006

• O carie netratata la timp este principala cauza de pierdere a dintilor • Caria se instaleaza in smalt, stratul dur al dintelui, si se dezvolta ajungand pana la pulpa...

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Gura de lup
27 Noiembrie 2006

• Gura de lup este o malformatie congenitala a sugarului cauzata de mai multi factori cum ar fi fumatul in timpul sarcinii, consumul de droguri, medicamente, infectii...

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Termo Service SA Stealing By the Penalization
25 Noiembrie 2006

Although the law provides that the lodgers' association may levy penalizations to the owners, after 45 days from the list of payment's posting date , SC Termon Service SA can...

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