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Un pahar de vin zilnic - prieten sau dusman?
6 Noiembrie 2006

• Parerile medicilor de diferite specialitati sunt impartite in privinta consumului zilnic a unui pahar de vin • De exemplu, medici gastroenterologi considera ca...

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Pastilele nu trebuie sfaramate inainte de a fi inghitite
6 Noiembrie 2006

• Spargerea pastilelor intre dinti, inainte de inghitirea lor, poate cauza efecte adverse severe care, uneori, pot fi chiar fatale, avertizeaza expertii in domeniu...

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Usturoiul si proprietatile sale curative
6 Noiembrie 2006

• Consumul zilnic al unui catel de usturoi reduce riscul aparitiei unui infarct miocardic, a racelii, a tulburarilor cardiace Inca din cele mai indepartate timpuri,...

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The vultures' discontent
6 Noiembrie 2006

The UMF rector has criticated in front of the members' senate the newspaper Ziua de Iasi, being dissatisfied because durring a period of time the journalistic inquest publicated...

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Stolojan and Stoica gave green light for liberal relaunch at Iasi
6 Noiembrie 2006

At the event which took place in the Big Hall of the Culture House of Sindicates participated over 600 liberals and supporters. Theodor Stolojan and Vasile Stoica were...

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Extraordinary session for the 4.000 billion loan
6 Noiembrie 2006

The local counsellors will discuss Thursday afternoon the 4.000 billion lei (400 million lei RON) loan for Iasi. The project could be adjusted for a smaller sum of money to...

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Distractie maxima in cluburile iesene
4 Noiembrie 2006

• Traseul de sambata seara al amatorilor de cluburi incepe cu Bourbon, Versus, XS si se termina la cafeaua de dimineata din City Cafe • Amatorii cluburilor de noapte...

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Thrown Away By E.ON
4 Noiembrie 2006

After 50 years of continuous work ,The Poupular Vocational School of Art might disappear .SC E.ON SA` s managership is going to sell the room where the school has been...

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Stolojan and Stoica Presenting Their Liberal Platform At Iasi
4 Noiembrie 2006

The liberal dissenters` meeting is taking place today at 11 a.m. at the Trade Union`s House. The event gave shivers to PNL`s leader in Iasi ,Relu Fenechiu, who expelled the...

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The Prefect Wants Theatre Hall Inside The Prefecture
4 Noiembrie 2006

Prefect Nicusor Paduraru yesterday announced that he is going to change the Prefecture`s Great Hall into a theatre hall where plays about communism are to be performed. The...

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Taxe si impozite reduse
4 Noiembrie 2006

Am auzit ca s`au redus taxele, impozitele si accizele la niste chestii. Chestii foarte interesante. Anul trecut, s`au scos accizele la camerele foto digitale. Timp de 3 luni....

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Forged Auction
3 Noiembrie 2006

The auction for adjudging the centre of SC Cerealcom SA Iasi was illegal.Ziua of Iasi proved this fact still from the auction`s date,which was also confirmed by the judge,who...

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Penalty In Instance For Millenium Center
3 Noiembrie 2006

Yesterday,the magistrates from the Court of Iasi assessed a fine of 80 million lei(8 thousand RON) for a certain firm of electronical products` distribution ,especially PC`s....

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Bread At Europen Standards
3 Noiembrie 2006

Yesterday, in Iasi took place the official inauguration of AJC Ana Maria bakery and pastry shop which is endowed according to the European standards . Constantin Irimia ,the...

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Mai exista nevinovati?
3 Noiembrie 2006

Ma intrebam ieri, cand mi`a picat fisa c`o treaba. Nu`s de ce am impresia ca e din ce in ce mai absenta prezumptia de nevinovatie. Mi`am dat seama ca, in Romania, daca ai ciuda...

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Bulldozer Oprea
2 Noiembrie 2006

The rector of University"Al.I .Cuza ",Dumitru Oprea,gave the signal for a radical change within PNL Iasi,a subsidiary lately shaken by the scandal concerning corruption."I give...

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25 Million Euro`s`s Investments For 4 Years
2 Noiembrie 2006

For the next 4 years,Antibiotice SA `s managership aims at a turnover of 130 million Euro and investments of 25 million Euro. Antibiotice SA`s main project for this year is...

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The Ex-prefect Dissatisfied With the Bribe`s Value
2 Noiembrie 2006

One square metre of the three hectares that should have been received by the ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru is worth only 0,69 Euro.Although this sum is much lower than the initial...

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Hundreds of patients freezing in wards
2 Noiembrie 2006

Warmly dressed,each being covered with two blankets ,wearing fezes and warm shoes,approximately 600 patients from the Recovery Hospital are freezing in their wards.Tha manager...

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Caldura a devenit lux
2 Noiembrie 2006

Cel putin in Iasi. Pentru ca, dragii nostri alesi, au decis sa majoreze pretul la energie termica doar cu 65%. Pentru ca s`au gandit ca s`asa o ducem prea bine, si atunci au...

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Fabrici de cersetori si hoti
1 Noiembrie 2006

Sunt in tot orasul. Dar, majoritatea se gasesc la periferie. Dacia, Canta, Pacurari, Pacuret, Galata, Bularga si bineinteles cartierul tiganesc din Statia Padurii. Sunt foarte...

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Forensic Experts Bury Maxx Space Files
1 Noiembrie 2006

The doctors from IML Mina Minovici in Bucharest admit the existence of medical negligence concerning the youngwoman Gabriela Moraru`s death.Almost unbelievable:not only the...

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The Saving Hand In "Bribary To the Prefect "Files
1 Noiembrie 2006

Although initially a value of 600 thousand Euro was established for the 3 hectares of land which were to be taken as bribary ,the expert from Bucharest who made the report rated...

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The Coal`s Chaos
1 Noiembrie 2006

More and more chances for the inhabitants of Iasi to freeze with their hands on the radiator .CET Iasi SA has not found a solution for storing up the necessary coal for this...

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Unii`s mai egali decat altii
31 Octombrie 2006

Cam la concluzia asta am ajuns dupa ce, in ultima perioada, am mai aruncat cate un ochi prin presa scrisa si televiziune... Se pare ca, in Romania, toata lumea are drepturi si...

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Farmers Renounce to Wheat and Corn
31 Octombrie 2006

The farmers from Iasi area till fewer and fewer wheat and corn from one year to another. The experts in agriculture affirm that crops with plants used for producing "ecological...

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Iasi Buried In Rate Debts by the Social Democrat Nichita
31 Octombrie 2006

Yesterday ,mayor Gheorghe Nichita warned with no restraint that the inhabitants of Iasi have to pay for the heat the exorbitant price of 1,750 million lei(175 RON) for a gig...

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The Butcher
31 Octombrie 2006

Aglaia Ababei ,aged 51, 6 children's mother ,suffered a shock when she found out her right hand would be amputated from the elbow, after an infection at one of the fingers....

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Vote For The Highest Local Loan
30 Octombrie 2006

The local advisers face the most important meeting of their mandate. The elected ones have to assume the responsibility for contracting a huge credit of 4,000 billion lei....

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Senator Ion Solcanu Restores Equilibrium Within PSD Iasi
30 Octombrie 2006

" I can notice the following fact: the conference from the Youth's Party has not been preceded by a similar process inside the local organization In terms that the election...

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Burning Week For the Defendants In "Bribery at Prefecture" Files
30 Octombrie 2006

Today, the expert report for property is going to be laid down to the files for the ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru's arrest. The expert from Bucharest Radu Dunareanu assessed in 30...

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Doctori plangaciosi
30 Octombrie 2006

Am fost zilele trecute la o intalnire cu niste fosti colegi de liceu. Si`a prezentat fiecare realizarile pe plan familial si profesional, ne`am adus aminte de vremurile si...

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Operatiile estetice nu se vor scumpi din 2007
30 Octombrie 2006

• Motivul pentru care medicii de chirurgie plastica de la Spitalul iesean de Urgente au decis sa nu mareasca preturile pentru operatiile de infrumusetare este acela de a...

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Nevroza: o boala declansata de suprasolicitare
30 Octombrie 2006

• Tot mai multe persoane sunt diagnosticate in ultima vreme cu nevroza, o afectiune psihica cronica declansata de mediul de viata suprasolicitant, cum ar fi efortul...

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Astmul, o boala incurabila
30 Octombrie 2006

• In acest moment, astmul se numara printre cele mai raspandite afectiuni, putand fi considerat si un barometru in ceea ce priveste nivelul de poluare • Cei mai comuni...

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