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Manager Andries Admits That the Lists Are Illegal

17 Martie 2007
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Andries admits that the lists for payment issued so far are not in keeping with the law in force. "I congratulate you for the published article related to the lists of payment. Consequently, this morning I called all the employees to a meeting where we debated this problem. I took the measure that, from this month on, all the lists of payment should contain down the page the mention that all the chairmen of the associations are obliged to check any list of payment issued on their own responsibility.

Indeed, you have written a good article", stated yesterday Cristian Andries , the Manager of SC Termo Service SA.
Consequently to the article published by the daily ZIUA of Iasi, the Manager from SC Termo Service SA admits that the lists of payment are not in keeping with the law in force. Some of the tenants whose associations are managed by SC Termo Service SA have solicited the support of the Service of the Tenants' Associations.

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