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Manager Chirciulescu Must Justify Himself to Minister Orban

27 Iunie 2007
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Today, the manager of the Railway Hospital of Iasi is called to the Ministry of Transport in order to account for the illegalities within the medical unit. Manager Dinu Chirculescu has called accountant Rodica Lupu to the hospital and he has interrupted journalist Vicol's holiday in order to hurriedly operate an administrative investigation and an answer to the minister. The consequence of the disclosures of the reporters from the daily ZIUA of Iasi appeared today: the manager of the Railway Hospital, Dinu Chirculescu, was called to the Ministry of Transport in order to justify the act of accountant Rodica Lupu - in front of Minister Ludovic Orban - who has transferred the sum of 3,4 billion Lei from the medical unit's account to her personal account, having illegally increased her salary from 7 million Lei to 70 million Lei, including the wage increments. All these happened on June, 12, when the representatives of BRD - Group Societe Generale discovered the fraud.
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