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Massive Investment for Rehabilitating the Nets of Electricity

11 Mai 2007
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For 2007, E.ON Moldova announces to accomplish some ample working in Iasi County, which should primarily lead to the diminishing of the number of casualties which appear in the net for supplying with electrical energy. The program of investments from 2006 is also being continued in 2007, concerning the modernization of the nets for supplying with electric energy, where there have been allocated more than 35 million Euros.

For rehabilitating the nets of electricity, SC E.ON Moldova SA is going to invest more than 35 million Euros in Iasi County, until the end of the year. In the last years, but for the run-out of the nets, the citizens of Iasi confronted with many electric breakdowns, tension fluctuations, which caused important financial loss.

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