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Miracle or Bistoury?

5 Aprilie 2007
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Which is the limit of science and where does the purpose of belief come? Do the miracles from the religious books really happen? Do the stories about miraculous healings have a real base? We have tried to find the answer to all these questions. We have talked to doctors, patients and priests. The answer has remained somewhere, suspended.

It is hard, someone might say, such as a physician, about what happens during the most critical moments of a human's life. Here, any explanation, any theory fades. It is a moment out of time, when everything dies out. Your mind stands still; the men in white around the patient are waiting for the continuous line: he has died. However, it does not appear, everything, transfixed, is gliding somewhere, in another corner of the Universe, at thousands light years. A drop coagulates somewhere, far away. The drop is coming closer, the iced silence is clacking. Life has turned back.

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