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Missing child for a 4 at mathematics

13 Martie 2008
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Mihai Narcis
"Dear mom and dad, today i've received another 4 at mathematics. I have no courage to return home. Do not seek me. It displeases me to have disappointed you. Good bye." These were the last words that Mihai Narcis, an adolescent of 14 years old, left to his parents, two days ago. While the family is devastated, the professors do not succeed to explain themselves the reasons of the adolescent, eminent in other school subjects. Other two children, of 13 years old , from the village Carbunari, are missing too , trying to find a job to buy themselves, shocking, mobile phones.
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mihai narcis eminent village carbunari

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din tarile calde  | #31650
eu tare curioasa sunt who the .... told you that you know english.....this is the most....embarassing use of the english language....but any way":to the airport"
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