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Mobster Threatening

4 Decembrie 2006
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PNL's deputy Traian Dobre wanted to coerce the mayor of Schitu Duca commune, Mihai Mihalache, to sign for an illegality. It is about the transfer of 10 hectares' area of woods from the administrative territory of Schitu Duca commune to the one of Barnova commune. This because the mayor from Barnova has abusively made out titles of property on Barnova's incidence so that the land would be owned by certain local magnates who have already built bungalows. The pot is huge; the land is situated on a timbered area on the outskirts of Iasi municipality, towards Bucium, being worth at least 30 Euro per square meter. "Two weeks ago deputy Traian Dobre and Victor Chirila came to me. The jurist within the City hall told Dobre that he could be beaten from the institution and I was told that the problems would continue unless I sign the record for the lands' exchange ", the mayor of Schitu Duca commune declared. Traffic of influence, abuse, threatening and blackmail- this is what a prosecutor could write down on his accusation if he had the curiosity of checking the way in which PNL's deputy , Traian Dobre, wanted to finalize a crime.
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