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Money Cleaning In the Banks of Iasi

15 Noiembrie 2006
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Two bank branches from Iasi have been fined a couple of million RoLei for having infringed the law concerning the struggle against money cleaning and financing the terrorist groups. The representatives of Transilvania Bank`s branch from Iasi declared that ,in fact, the transactions found as illegal had been made by INK bank. As a consequence to the controls made the National Board for Preventing and Combating the Money Cleaning, the banks from Iasi seem to be a barrel of gun.

The judges refuse to postpone the fines and the prosecutors are going to do their job.None of the branches admits having comitted the facts. A few days ago,the judge from the Court of Iasi decided that Transilvania Bank`s branch from Iasi had infridged the law concerning the struggling against financing the terrorist groups and money cleaning, maintaining the fine to this bank branch by the National Board for Preventing and Combating Money Cleaning(ONPCSB).

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