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Money for the godfather

24 August 2007
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Another fault given by Fene Grup Sa , the firm of the local baron Relu Fenechiu, helped by his former inspectors , now directors of some main institution of the State. Sc Fene Grup Sa has been charged to make the reparations and the cleanliness at the Cultural House of Students, where director is actually the cousin of the former prefect of Iasi Radu Prisacaru, Adrian Caliman. The contract is an expensive one, 16 billions lei . Fene Grup has succeeded to obtain the contract after that the firm that made the reparations first , Constructions One Sa was threatened a few times . Now, Fene Grup and Constructions One Sa divide fraternally the 16billions lei . ". Adrian Caliman, the director of the House of Students Iasi declared that the two firms made peace and that not any of the contracts , of Fene Grup or Constructions One Sa has been canceled .
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