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4 Mai 2007
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Yesterday, the yard of Saint Vasile Church proved to be narrow for the hundreds of physicians, friends, medical assistants, managers, representatives of the local institutions come to say farewell to Doctor Florin Lunguleac and to his wife, Anca Lunguleac, disappeared after a serious road accident. The two boys should have been with their parents in the car, but they dropped out in the last moment. Yesterday, more than 500 doctors, hospital managers, representatives of the local authorities, of the health institutions, of some companies, relatives, friends, come to Saint Vasile Church in order to say goodbye to Dr. Florin Lunguleac, the ex-manager of Socola Hospital of Psychiatry and to his wife, Anca Lunguleac, employed at the Central University Library. The Lungeacs were 50, respectively 47 years old.
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