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Murder For Four RON

25 Octombrie 2006
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Two youngmen murdered one of their best friends only for 4RON."Two we killed this evening!",one of the murderers declared.Exclusively and totally,the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi present Robert Borsanu`s declaration in front of the court and also fragments from the other accused`s testimony.Breath-takingly,Borsanu related one of the most sadist murders in Iasi as if he had watched it on TV-detached and without any resentments.

"We both watched him tossing and waited till all his blood trickled(...)Then we thought of fastening him with a tie by his feet and,with the other end ,we tied him behind the waggon,by the axle.The corpse was too heavy,so we didn`t manage to put it on the waggon`s corner `cause we were too drunk.So we tied it by the waggon and we dragged it to the woods ",the murderer described.
In case the devil wanted to to embody in a human being ,doubtlessly he would be well-nestled in Robert borsanu`s person,an youngman from Victoria commune ,Iasi county.
Yesterday,a full trials` hall had the opportunity of listening to one of the most terrifying testimonies for murders in the last years in the instances of Iasi.

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