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Must and Ruins for UMF's Students

25 Ianuarie 2007
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Inside the building from Saulescu Street, where the courses from the UMF are hold, the students have to bear the miserable conditions. The interior has not been bleached for years, and weed has replaced the flower pots from the window. The managers from the University of Medicines and Pharmacy know that the students are dissatisfied and hardly can they remember for how long any reparation has been made. The students from the University of Medicines and Pharmacy (UMF)" Gr. T.Popa" who attend the courses from the building on Saulescu Street are obliged to bear all the misery, as the building is seriously weather-beaten.
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Doina  | #5786
O sugestie, schimbati pe cei ce va scriu articolele in limba engleza, traducerea e de o calitate ce lasa de dorit.
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