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Natalia Mosnegutu Drew Back from the Function of Dean of the Bar

28 Mai 2007
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Yesterday afternoon, Natalia Mosnegutu officially announced that she drew back from the second term for the function of dean of the Bar of Iasi. "Only now am I realizing that for an electoral fight you have to be popular and well known; it is not enough to be only a good professional", stated yesterday Natalia Mosnegutu.

Saturday morning, after the votes count, there were found out the names of the ones that would occupy the function of law adviser within the Bar of Iasi.
Lawyer Natalia Mosnegutu drew back from the competition for the function of dean within the Bar of Iasi. In the discussion with the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi yesterday afternoon, the mentioned lawyer officially confirmed that she would draw back. She seemed to be quite nervous because she had not succeeded in obtaining her mates' confidence, but she spoke very nicely about her rival, Carmen Bernic. "I have been thinking very seriously and I have decided to give up".

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