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Nichita's Barter

27 Noiembrie 2006
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Yesterday, Gheorghe Nichita sustained PSD's county organization so that Mircea Geoana could obtain a new presidential mandate for the party. On the other hand, Geoana warranted the abusive exclusions of the members that had criticized the mayor's political activity and promised his support for Nichita's post of vice- president at the national level.

After having taken the function of vice-president of the Deputies' House to Valeriu Dorneanau, yesterday Geoana appealed to him for support, promising in exchange a function of leader within PSD. At yesterday's Extraordinary Congress of PSD, Nichita imposed him his own list with the delegates that would take part to the National Congress in December.
PSD's branch from Iasi has become Mayor Gheorghe Nichita's exchange coin for satisfying his own interests and for eliminating his political adversaries within the party.

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